Thursday, April 26, 2012

CCW Holder Stops Knife Attacker At SLC Grocery Store

A Utah concealed carry holder stopped a knife wielding maniac at a busy downtown Salt Lake City Smiths store, without firing a shot.

The individual allegedly went in to the Smiths Market place in a very busy area, purchased a knife and then went into the parking lot and began stabbing people seemingly at random. Two people were injured before the CCW holder saw what was happening and drew his firearm on the man and demanded that he lay on the ground.

The man was subdued until police arrived to arrest him. SLC Police noted that many more people could have been harmed or killed had the CCW holder not been there. The CCW holder did the absolute right thing and saved lives and due to Utah's stand your ground laws, the CCW holder cannot be prosecuted for not retreating from a conflict.

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