Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ruger LC9 review

Ruger LC9 review

The Ruger LC9 is the perfect combination of comfort and safety.

After the purchase of Ruger’s relatively new LC9 compact pistol several months ago, I am pleased to say it is the only gun I’ve actually been completely comfortable with while carrying. Due to its compact size, multiple safety features, light weight build and efficiently powerful 9MM round, the LC9 dominates in the compact pistol category. The LC9 is Ruger’s “bigger brother” model of the LCP compact, which has the smaller, less powerful .380 caliber round. The only complaint with the LC9 is that it has a heavier trigger pull which makes the accuracy slightly less when compared with other softer trigger pull firearms. With practice however that complaint can be resolved. The LC9 is extremely comfortable to carry for men or women and with multiple safety items such as a chambered bullet indicator, side safety trigger lock and the no magazine trigger lock features, it is highly recommended as a first time concealed carry firearm. It is offered in the colors of solid black or two-tone pink and black for the ladies.

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